Pricing policy

Yard Greeting Sign Pricing

Nashville Yard Greeting includes: one personalized phrase, name, balloons, stars, multiple graphic images, delivery, set up, and pick up. Tennessee State Sales Tax of 9.25% will be added to all invoices.

Nashville Yard Greetings Prices

Yard Greetings:

Standard $99.00

"Happy Birthday!, Age and Name",

4 Graphics, 6 Balloons, 6 Large Stars & 6 Small Stars

Deluxe $125

Anything you want to say, Name, 4 Graphics, 6 Balloons, 6 Large Stars, & 6 Small Stars

Graduation Pricing

Standard $115

Congrats!, Name, One Grad Graphics, One Fun Graphic, 4 Balloons, 4 Large Stars, 4 Small Stars

Deluxe $125

Customize Message, Name, Class Year, Two Grad Graphics, Two Fun Graphics, 6 Balloons, 6 Large Stars, 6 Small Stars

Custom Yard Greetings $125

Whatever You Want To Say, 4 Graphics, 6 Balloons, 6 Large Stars, & 6 Small Stars

Yard Prep

*Please cancel all landscaping and weed eating services while yard greeting is installed in the yard.

*Due to the Tennessee Rocky Terrain and Heat Index Rising, All NYG Ask is for you to Water The Yard heavily for 45 min the Evening Before and Evening of Set Up so the NYG Crew can make your Yard Greeting Sign look amazing!

Please understand:


If you are not sure the yard is watered enough, please use the SCREWDRIVER TEST by checking to see if a 6” Screwdriver can be inserted easily into the ground.

Please note, Nashville Yard Greetings does not have any control over the yard prep so if NYG Crew can not insert our yard stakes into the ground due to dry hard soil, they will not be able to set up the yard greeting.

When this happens Nashville Yard Greetings offers two options:

1) NYG will make a second delivery attempt to set up after the Yard has been soaked and an additional $25.00 Travel Fee has been paid by the client.


2) NYG will offer a refund of 30% from the Yard Greeting sign price only or 70% of the sign price (not the invoice total) may be applied towards a yard greeting sign in the future.

Nashville Yard Greetings appreciates your help in preparing the yard and understanding our dilemma in this matter.

Travel Fees

Outside our Nashville Delivery Area


More than 20 minutes One Way,

a travel fee is charged to offset gas and travel time/distance for NYG's crew.

Travel time consists of (delivery, set up & return) and (pick up, Load & return).

$20 more than 20 min One Way

 -  ($5.00 x 4 Trips = $20)

$30 more than 30 min One Way

 -  ($7.50 x 4 Trips = $30)

$40 more than 40 min One Way

 -  ($10 x 4 Trips = $40)

$60 more than 50 min One Way

 -  ($15 x 4 Trips = $60)

When Client's address requires a travel fee, Nashville Yard Greetings donates an extra day. Travel Fee is usually less than an Extra Rental Day.

Rush Orders

$25 Less then 12 hr notice

Military and Civil Service

Discounts Offered on Yard Greeting

Price Only Or Free Extra Day!

All Major Holidays


Paypal, Venmo and Zelle Accepted

Extra Rental Days

$50 per day, $115/125 per day for the Month Of MAY And ALL GRAD Orders

Church, Organization and Schools

Please inquire about discounted prices.


Delivery/Set up/Pick up

You can expect delivery and set up from Nashville Yard Greetings anytime between 6:00-11:00pm the evening before your event/celebration. NYG will pick up the evening of your event after 6pm respectively unless other arrangements were made and approved by client and NYG.


You will receive a Paypal invoice by email (Paypal account not required). Payments are due upon receipt to confirm your order. Other forms of payment accepted are Venmo and Zelle. With prior approval, personal checks and cash will be accepted but must be deposited prior to delivery

Hazardous Conditions

We may be unable to deliver a greeting during severe, hazardous weather conditions.  We will attempt to reschedule delivery, or a full refund will be issued.

Friendly Reminders

Rental Policy

Payment is required at booking in order to confirm/hold your reservation.

*Please Do Not Move the NYG signs and NYG  advertising logo. Do not allow anyone(particularly children to play with, rearrange, remove, dispose or sit on the signs). You are responsible for missing or damaged display items and will be invoiced in the event of loss or damage inventory.

Please Cancel Lawn Services and keep pets away from the signs while the Yard Greeting Sign is installed.  Weed eaters and their flying debris can cause irreparable damage to the signs as well as pets using them as chew toys. Again, if there is any damage or lost signs, you will be invoiced for replacing any of the damage or missing NYG signs. 

Nashville Yard Greetings and all representatives are Not Responsible or Liable for any damage or injury that may cause to any person or personal property as well as property damage during the set-up, placement or removal of NYG sign displays.

Refund Policy

If you must cancel your order, you may apply your fee to a future date (subject to availability) or receive 50% refund if notice is given more than 72hrs.

In the event, of significant inclement weather that prohibits NYG from setting up, we will refund in full or apply credit to a future date (subject to availability).

NO Refunds will be given in the event of:

1. The client provides the wrong address.

2. The homeowner of a gifted NYG greeting requests us to remove the signs.

3. NYG is denied access to a gated community or given the wrong gate code.

4. The presence of animals preventing NYG from setting up the greeting display; or any construction or other circumstances beyond NYG control.

A $25 re-delivery fee will be charged if we must return, remove, move and re-setup a greeting at the correct address.  This also applies if we are unable to gain access to your property and must return at a later time/day to install.

Can't Install due to Ground being too Hard: Since this is out of our control and client was reminded on invoice to water their yard and also in email communication, client has two options: 1. Receive a 30% refund  or 2. water the yard through the night and pay an additional travel fee of $20 and NYG Crew will re-deliver the following morning as long as their is availability that day.

***By placing an order with Nashville Yard Greeting, you agree to all NYG policies above.